Who's there in your company?

    Co-Worker &
    Culture Catalog
    You're more than your job title.
    Resident Foodie
    Ping Pong Wizard
    White Sox Fan
    Project Manager
    Design Team Lead
    InDesign Champ
    "That guy
    who juggles"
    Loves Spicy Food
    Animation Fan Boy
    Interactive Designer
    Pixel Pusher
    Shortcut Master
    Roller Skater
    (Downhill Only)
    Night Owl
    Anything Europe
    Account Manager
    Budget Control
    Excels at Excel
    Artic Monkeys
    (Super fan)
    Yankees (Die-hard)
    Hot Sauce
    Full Stack Developer
    for Mobile
    "Mongo(db) Man"
    Omni Channel
    System Design

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    • Interests, passions, expertise

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    See infographics on your company culture generated by you and your co-workers in real-time.

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    Co-Worker & Culture Catalog

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      Nope. There’s a contract-free version!

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      Nope. See our Privacy Policy.

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There's a Premium version

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    About Our Team

    Nokk-Nokk is the collaboration of premiere designers & engineers from around the world assembled by the Fanrod Group. We’re united by our passion to connect and appreciate the diverse aspects of people at work.

    • Robert Davidson

      Co-Founder and Co-CEO

      Robert leads the team with experience in product design, marketing & tech. He has been working on perfecting the company directory for over 15 years mostly while drinking coffee.

    • Fanny Davidson

      Co-Founder and Co-CEO

      Fanny is a product visionary with a hyper-focus on connecting user joy with business results. She’s been a product & UX maven for over 15 years, wearing organic make up and making the world better.

    • Juho Hietala


      Juho is a life-long learner of human-computer interaction, technology and art. He has over 10 years of experience in designing and creating systems and user interfaces. He drinks coffee and tea.

    • Coral Technology


      Coral Technology builds technology teams that combine the best talent across the globe. Their leadership drinks local organic herbal tea from sustainable herbs.

    Carbone Smolan Agency

    Visual Design

    CSA combines design, content, and technology to create brand strategy and design systems for the physical and digital worlds. The agency drinks 3x as much coffee as tea.

    You'll need a company e-mail address to join or create your company's network.